*Q-What kind of materials are used to place the food in?

A-We use BPA free, dishwasher/freezer safe, and recyclable material.

*Q- When can I place an order?

A-Due to being a rotating menu,the menu will be posted on Tuesday- NO LATER THAN 10 AM. After the order due time (Friday 4pm) the menu will disappear until the upcoming Tuesday, in which the new menu will be present. 

*Q- What if I want delivery, EVEN if I am not home?

A- As long as it is listed in the special instructions area during checkout, and you have provided an accurate address, we will drop off anyway.   Please make arrangement to have someone available to receive pick up if you cannot be there, if you do not want items left.

Delivery times begin at 9:00am- 4:30pm. If there is an conflict with those times, please contact us to make arrangements .

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